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Automotive-quality Air-Dry application?

Coating application services on custom substrates


16 years of experience in coating plastic and primed steel products.


Specializing in air-dry, exterior, low VOC, non-toxic, durable finishes. Also, we match any colour.

About Us

Innovative technology



We are proud to introduce sustainable coatings for wide applications in architectural and original equipment manufacturing (OEM) markets. Coatings have properties of industrial durability. Our products are based on the emerging discoveries and trends. These new technologies were carefully tailored in the lab and already prove-tested in the field.

Coatings features



    Click - exterior coating is green chemistry product and was formulated to survive production/assembly process and to provide protection of substrate  against environmental impacts. At the same time, all our products have outstanding architectural look: color deepness, clarity, and silky texture.

Quality first


Core of Click coating products is patented technology. We insure highest quality and precise  color matching of painted substrates. You are welcomed to contact us for any questions and recommendations.


We are looking for  spray-painters and assistants. 

Click Coatings offers  training and competitive salary.


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